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Film Force, LLC Outdoor Movies | House Parties, Large Screens, Family

Phone:    (860) 387-8599


These requirements must be met to ensure a quality event :

  1. Client must sign a simple work contract prior to start of event

  2. Client MUST provide movie (DVD, Blu-Ray, Flash Drive, etc.) or online accounts being used (Netflix, Xbox Live, etc.)

  3. Film Force may provide Video Games at an additional fee
  4. Client MUST provide sufficient Wi-Fi in order to use online services (Netflix, Xbox Live, Live Streaming)
  5. For an optimal experience, movies must be started after sunset

  6. For the 16 ft Screen, we need 30ftx40ft of free space. For the 12 ft Screen, we need 25ftx25ft of free space (both preferably on a flat lawn)
  7. Clients & Party Guests MAY NOT touch the equipment unless permitted to do so by Event Coordinator
  8. Provide two separate outlets for the equipment
  9. Client MUST provide two dates in the event the first date is compromised by inclement weather
  10. If there is a 40% chance of rain or greater, or winds exceed 15 MPH, the event WILL be cancelled (Event will be moved to your designated rain date)
  11. Client MUST provide at least a $100 down payment
  12. In the event of a cancellation, client MUST provide timely notice (48 hours or more). Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the down payment
  13. We Recommend no more than 100 viewers for the 16 ft. screen and 50 viewers for  the 12 ft. screen
  14. A double feature package (up to 5 hours) and extended hour packages are available
  15. The Client MUST pay $75 for each hour the screen is being used past the allotted 2.5 hours

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